Public Works

Investment in green infrastructure is crucial for the future of our community. With the help of state and federal grants, as well as private investment, Lehigh County could create green energy sources and modern transit that would transform how we live and work. Such an investment would reduce our dependency on fossil fuels as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

Lehigh County is also tasked with maintaining the many bridges that connect our community. Ensuring that we allocate enough money to make them safe and usable should be a priority of the County Commission. Securing state and federal funds is crucial to this mission.

Further, we must ensure that we continue to provide for our senior citizens with the care and housing they receive from Cedarbrook nursing home. As a County Commissioner, I will always vote to maintain the excellent care and keep Cedarbrook a place where the seniors of our county can call home.

Finally, as our county continues to grow and develop, we must work to maintain parks, trails, and open spaces as a commitment to future generations and for the leisure and enjoyment of the public at large.

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