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DSC_0885The county is the largest of a system of local governments who have the task of maintaining the roads and bridges that connect our community. When elected, I will work with federal, state, and local governments to secure funding to properly maintain our roads and bridges.

Warehouses have brought jobs to our county, but the truck traffic has also placed a strain on local roads. Common sense fees and state-based money matching programs must be used to ensure that our roads remain paved and our bridges remain structurally sound. Input from the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission and local municipalities would be crucial to determine which roads need improvement.

The county government is tasked with controlling and managing storm and wastewater. When development comes to the Lehigh Valley, we must also ensure that we are taking precautions to adequately route and dispose of stormwater. Severe floods the past few summers remind us of the need to ensure our county is following recommended water plans.

The county ensures that our elderly always have a retirement community to live in comfort as they age. Cedarbrook has consistently given high quality of care to the resident’s that call it home. We must continue this care, and not sell Cedarbrook to private developers with a profit motive.

As our county continues to grow and develop, we must work to maintain parks, trails, and open spaces as a commitment to future generations and for the leisure and enjoyment of the public at large. Selling off these open spaces to balance a budget is irresponsible and hurts our community in the long run. 

Finally, Lehigh County must be looking towards the future and develop green infrastructure, which means expanding mass transit, energy efficient buildings, and alternative energy sources. With budgetary restrictions in mind, I would be constantly seeking state and federal grants to bring 21st Century jobs and infrastructure projects to Lehigh County.

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