A county government is a community government. Lehigh County’s Government is the first line of defense in helping those who have fallen on hard times, or lack a support network, to get back on their feet. When elected, I will ensure that our essential service needs are met.

The county ensures that when a child is abused, abandoned, or neglected, they are placed in a safe environment. Resources are available twenty-four hours a day to assist families and children stay safe and promote positive relationships. The risks of a child falling through the cracks are too great to not adequately fund these essential services.


The county ensures that our elderly always have a retirement community to live in comfort as they age. Cedarbrook has consistently given high quality of care to the resident’s that call it home. We must continue this care, and not sell Cedarbrook to private developers with a profit motive.

The county also helps folks with addiction and mental health needs. Treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction must continue to be available if we are to continue building lives. As the Opioid Epidemic continues to plague our state and community, I would push for more treatment options to ensure that those suffering through addiction or watching a family member struggle would have opportunities to find the help they need.

When elected, I will engage in good faith negotiations with our county workers to ensure that we find solutions that protect our essential county services while remaining fiscally responsible.


The diversity of Lehigh County is one of our strengths and I count myself lucky to be able to immerse myself in the countless cultures, customs, and culinary delights our fine county has to offer. An important cornerstone of my platform will be outreach to diverse communities, allowing their local government to hear their voices and address their needs.

Working within our communities to improve the lives of our neighbors is also essential to building a just county. Opening more warming shelters, expanding existing outreach programs, and working with county social workers will be a priority that I wish to bring to the County Commission.


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