Community Outreach


As public officials, it is the job of the Lehigh County Commissioners to reach out to their constituents. Once elected, one of my priorities will be to work out a system by which the people of Lehigh County can make their opinions heard on important topics.

To do this, I will work with the other Commissioners to create either direct constituency outreach, or public meeting notices. Communication is key when representing the diverse interests of the people of Lehigh County. Community outreach also means working with local businesses, community organizations, and not-for-profits to ensure that everyone in Lehigh County has access to county services.

The diversity of Lehigh County is one of our strengths and I count myself lucky to be able to immerse myself in the countless cultures, customs, and culinary delights our fine county has to offer. An important cornerstone of my platform will be outreach to diverse communities, allowing their local government to hear their voices and address their needs.

Working within our communities to improve the lives of our neighbors is also essential to building a just county. Opening more warming shelters, expanding existing outreach programs, and working with county social workers will be a priority that I wish to bring to the County Commission

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