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Harrington, David-10Thank you for visiting my page! I am running for Lehigh County Commissioner because I see a need in our county for a government that is focused on people first. We need to ensure that our community members, regardless of race, income, sex, gender, and background have a government that works for them. We must protect our most vulnerable in our community and ensure that when someone falls on hard times, they have the platform on which to lift themselves up. We need to ensure that our local government is not beholden to the wealthy and powerful, but answers to the working people that call Lehigh County home. I see a need for a community focused government, and that is why I am running for Lehigh County Commissioner.

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I am running because we need to ensure that the laws apply equally, and that our neighbors, friends, and community members feel that their rights are preserved and their voices are heard. As an attorney, I have stood up to the injustices of the system and zealously advocated for the clients I work for.

Let me work for you, the people of Lehigh County. I hope you will join me as I work towards a government focused on Community, Transparency, and Justice.

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